Underground Ultimate Duo!

They are back! The Mod and RDA in beast mode! Vape Match in Heaven: Underground Series Box and Underground RDA now back and available! See the reviews below! #vapegoals #vape #mod #series #rda #power #underground #undergroundseriesbox #undergroundrda #mcm #mcmmods #pinoymade

Colorful Powerful Beings: Underground Series Box Acrylics

Don't be deceived by their looks. These psychedelic-fun, candy-looking, attention-grabbing mods are packed with power, pure power. Same specs as our Underground Series Classic Black Derlin Box: Series connection Comes with batt adaptor for single battery option Hybrid 510 connector Derlin/brass switch Derlin body Brass internals SS plates on each side Serialized H73mm x W24mm x L50mm Philippines-made Now available at! #vape #vapelife #mod #series #power #undergroundseriesbox #mcmmods

A Series of Pure Power: Underground Hybrid Box Mod

Need more power to your already ultimate vaping skills? Look. No. Further.... But wait a little bit okay? A fresh batch will be out soon! Due to the surprising demand, we sold out our first batch in just a few days. we haven't even had the time to post it here on the site. In a month's time, fresh stocks the Underground Series Box Mod will be available for your vaping power pleasure! Here are the specs: Double the power with series connection Dual or single battery option hybrid 510 connector derlin body or go crazy with acrylics brass internals derlin/brass switch classy ss plates on each side compact: H 73mm x W 24mm x L 50mm Pure Pinoy Power It is also a perfect match for your Underground

The Fifth Perfection

Duquit Cinco is now available! Made by Duquit Works Pilipinas. It's specifications: DERLIN BODY DUAL 18650 PARALLEL BRASS SWITCH COPPER INTERNALS ADJUSTABLE POSITIVE PIN Dquit Cinco looking perfect with Samurai Competition V2 Copper

Sharpen your Samurai!

We know your Samurai Competion V2 is one handsome lil' devil. And now, add swag get more killer looks for your uber atty. Upgrade, customize, mix and match, and freshen up your baby with these cool accessories! Samurai Competition V2 with Brass Drip Tip and Limited Edition Brass Top Part Samurai Competition V2 with Black Derlin Drip Tip Samurai Competition V2 with Copper Drip Tip Stainless Steel Drip Tips #vape #rda #dt #driptip #swag #vapeon #mcmmods #samuraiv2

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