What's Next with MCM?

The site is up and running and we are giving you a glimpse of what is coming your way! 1. Underground Makeover: Your powerful Series Box gets a facelift with our new and improved Resin Collection. Check out our facebook page at 2. Parabellum V2 ETA*: June 2016 Enjoy the clip! 3. Mosé RDA Another ©MCM innovation coming soon. ETA*: June 2016 4. Samurai Bonsai V2 RDA In collaboration with ©The Cloud Factory Philippines, we will provide another upgrade to your favorite mini yet powerful RDA. ETA*: July 2016 5. RESTOCK, RESTOCK, RESTOCK Fresh units of UNDERGROUND RDA, UNDERGROUND SERIES BOX and SAMURAI COMPETITION V2 RDA are dropping this month of May! You're welcome! 6

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