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What's Next with MCM?

The site is up and running and we are giving you a glimpse of what is coming your way!

1. Underground Makeover:

Your powerful Series Box gets a facelift with our new and improved Resin Collection.

Check out our facebook page at

2. Parabellum V2

ETA*: June 2016

Enjoy the clip!

3. Mosé RDA

Another ©MCM innovation coming soon.

ETA*: June 2016

4. Samurai Bonsai V2 RDA

In collaboration with ©The Cloud Factory Philippines, we will provide another upgrade to your favorite mini yet powerful RDA.

ETA*: July 2016


Fresh units of UNDERGROUND RDA, UNDERGROUND SERIES BOX and SAMURAI COMPETITION V2 RDA are dropping this month of May! You're welcome!

6. The Biggest Vape Party in Central Luzon!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for all your continuous support and interest, not only for our products but also for the entire vaping revolution and community! Vape safe and Vape healthy!

*Take note that ETAs and designs of our future bad boys maybe subject to change. We work for quality and perfection.

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