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It's Raining Gears!

Rainy days are coming in the PH, but not a reason for MCM Mods Philippines to stop showering you with vape gears and apparels; just pure fun and innovation. Here are some of the few updates you might need to know:

1. Bigger and better UDG and Mosé RDAs.

These 25mm bigger brothers of our popular RDAs are a hit to you, brothers-and-sisters-in-vaping, and we cannot thank you enough for your interest and support. Mosé RDA is available in our Products section. [Our apologies, UDG RDA just sold out]

2. Monarch RDAs just restocked.

313 Innovations is taking another batch out in the market. And is now available in our Products section.

3. MCM Apparels are the new "must-haves" this season.

You got the bad-ass mod, the kick-ass RDA, you're probably wondering, "what's the next step?" Well, YOU ask, we deliver. Add our MCM Snapbacks to you look and a "vaping gangsta," if there's such a look. MCM Snapbacks are now available in our Products section. Next-level? Step up your get-up with our MCM Hoodie and/or Varsity jackets. Now on pre-order.

4. Vamp RDA is here.

With all the innovation in vaping, sometimes one just wants to go back to the basics. Well 313 Innovations is doing just that and more. They are making basic easier. Yep, you heard us, basic just made easier with the new Vamp RDA. With it's efficient design, offset positive poles, juice well and airflow for days, you can now enjoy easier basic vaping. Specifications are here. You're welcome.

5. Mosé Tube Mod

Looking for a perfect partner for your perfect RDA... well, your Mosé RDA? Look no further. Soon, you can enjoy the class of Mosé and the efficiency of it's design. This 25mm tube mod has a smooth bottom-firing button without the trouble of battery arcing. How did we do that, you'll find out soon.

6. Spike Mod

We are claiming the title! Spike mod is the smallest tube mod designed out there. The MCMMods' newest innovation, Spike mod is named after one of the smallest missile out there. It has no buttons but a side-firing clip, very handy yet powerful, minus the explosion and destruction feature of a missile. Don't worry! ;)

We are just in the mid 2017 and we cannot thank you enough for your support and all the positivity you guys are sending us. We are seriously overwhelmed with all your support (okay, sometimes with the workload :) ) and we will keep doing our best to satisfy your vaping needs. Any comments/suggestions/questions/inquiries, you may email us directly at or just simply send us an message here.

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